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REG Conference '18

This year's Red Ensign Group Conference takes place from the 12th -15th June, 2018. The conference is an annual gathering of the British ship registers. It meets together with representatives from UK Government in a different territory each year on a rolling basis. This year it is the turn of Guernsey for a very important milestone which marks the 30th anniversary of the conference.

The conference is a great opportunity for detailed face-to-face discussion of a wide variety of matters of shared interest and to share best practice and discuss ways to optimise performance of the British register in the international arena, both in terms of commercial success and in setting exemplary standards in meeting our international maritime obligations. But more than that is a way to get to know each other which helps the registers work together to drive the success of the total British registered tonnage, which at over 50 million gross registered tons is one of the world's larger registers with a real part to play at IMO and in influencing international maritime matters.

This year's conference will undoubtedly focus on the group's ability to meet the requirements of the IMO Instruments Implementation Code (IIIC) and some the challenges of forthcoming requirements ahead of its IMO audit in the next couple of years. But it will also be a chance to celebrate its anniversary in style in Guernsey!


REG Conference - Benefiting Registrars


Sarah Lisy

The Red Ensign Group's annual conference which was first held 30 years ago, began as an opportunity for all the registrars to get together and share ideas to benefit the British Shipping Registries as a whole. 

Now the event has expanded its agenda to include business strategy as well as other maritime matters of interest involving representatives from right across the REG which includes the UK, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. 

At its core however, the conference still involves registrars. For this year's conference being held in Guernsey next week, they have a special session of their own. 

Sarah Lisy, registrar, Isle of Man Ship Registry, said: 'As a registrar, the conferences provide me with an opportunity to meet with registrars from the other jurisdictions, who understand the challenges as well as the highlights of this role. It matters because it gives all of us a place where we can share our experiences and best practices with each other.' 



Gibraltar Maritime Administration - 'REG's Strength is its Partnership of Experts'


Richard Montado

Head of maritime administration in Gibraltar Richard Montado says the Red Ensign Group conference is an essential central point for all those involved to make decisions that will benefit all. 

Richard who will be attending the conference in June - the 30th year it's been held - says the group's strength is its partnership of experts. 

He said: 'We're dedicated to promoting the British maritime standard and we can draw upon the expertise from right across the Red Ensign Group. The conference matters because it is that central decision-making platform for all the REG partners.' 

The conference will be co-chaired by Sir Alan Massey of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and Chad Murray on behalf of the hosts, Guernsey.




Cayman Islands Look Forward to the 2018 Conference


Greg Evans

A united group can be a strong force in the global shipping world, according to the global director of safety and compliance for the Cayman Shipping Registry. Greg Evans says the work of the Red Ensign Group conference of which the Cayman Registry plays a part, gives the opportunity to collectively promote the quality brand which he says is associated with British shipping globally.

The Cayman Islands will be represented at next month's 30th anniversary Red Ensign Group conference being hosted by Guernsey and co-chaired by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. Greg, pictured with the bell which is traditionally used to formally open the event says it's important to face up the challenges of running shipping registers in the 21st century.

He said: 'At the REG conference there's an opportunity to discuss those challenges which are common to all of us. There are also opportunities for British shipping too and by building on our collective ideas and expertise, we can develop regulatory initiatives that take technological innovation into account. As a group, the REG can then promote those globally to show the quality that British shipping registers can offer.'



Dick Welsh Discusses the REG Conference 2018


In our latest update, Isle of Man Ship Registry Director Dick Welsh discusses the 2018 Red Ensign Group Conference and why it is one of the most important dates in the calendar for REG Members. Click below to view the video:

Dick Welsh Video



Guernsey looking forward to hosting REG Conference


Outgoing harbour master Chad Murray thinks it's fitting that one of his last jobs in his current role will be to co-chair the Red Ensign Group's conference in June. 

He said: 'When you think of what it does, considering how scattered its members are across the world and how small some of the administration teams running the work in places are, it is remarkable what it is able to achieve. Sometimes we call it a family - families might fall out and argue sometimes, but they also stand together when they face the outside world. As the REG, we can achieve more together than we could as individual members. And that's what makes us special.' 

'We look at challenges and the opportunities available to us all and we look at how we can deal with both. Co-chairing this conference, watching, listening, helping to steer the debates and discussions towards a good solution for those opportunities and challenges is both a responsibility and a privilege. Those solutions may not be quick or easy but we will resolve to work them through for the benefit British Shipping for all of us, including of course, us here in Guernsey.' 

The Red Ensign Group Conference is being held in Guernsey this June. Representatives of all the members from St Helena, to Cayman Islands to Anguilla and Gibraltar are expected to attend. As host, Guernsey holds the co-chair with the REG secretariat which is based in the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, UK - Sir Alan Massey, chief executive officer will be the other co-chair. 

Chad Murray REG Conf



Launching the REG Conference 2018


The conference which gives all Red Ensign Group members the opportunity to share best practice and discuss maritime matters of interest to all is marking its 30th anniversary this year.

It will be held in June and there will be representatives from right across the group attending the conference which this year is being hosted by the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Sir Alan Massey who co-chairs the event along with Chad Murray representing Guernsey as the host said: 'The REG conference is an annual milestone on its road to continuously improving the safety of British shipping. We use it to challenge each other, agree on policies, and make meaningful decisions.  It works because the debates are honest, the outcomes are binding on all of us, and we trust each other. It matters because that kind of honesty and trust only exists where all family members can get around the same table and only the REG Conference makes that happen.'

REG Conference Picture

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