Red Ensign Group


Latitude / Longitude:
51°41' S, 57°50' W

The Registrar of Ships
Customs and Immigration Department 
Byron House 
3 "H" Jones Road
Falkland Islands

Tel: (500) 27340 Facsimile: (500) 27342


Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands has operated its own Red Ensign register since 1861.

On 15 September 2003, a four-part register arrangement similar to that operated in the United Kingdom was commenced when the Falkland Islands adopted Parts I and II of the UK Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (with modifications).

The Register is ordinarily restricted to merchant vessels not exceeding a gross tonnage of 150, fishing vessels and small ships whose owners or charterers have a connection with the Falkland Islands and except in the case of the latter, all applications to register require the approval of the Governor.

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