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UK Ship Register
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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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The UK Ship Register is one of the best performing flags in the major Port State Control regimes, and has a reputation for maintaining the highest international standards.

We feel that the quality standards set by reputable sections of the shipping industry should not be compromised by sub-standard shipping and we believe that quality is non-negotiable. Working with our customers is our main objective to ensure that we achieve Safety through Partnership.

Our main advantages:

Our experienced surveyors are available 24/7 and are supported by:

●● Customer Account Managers who will guide you through the registration

process and remain a point of contact for the time your ship is on the UK Ship

Register, building long-term relationships with you to understand and support

your business needs;

●● Customer Service Managers, who are all experienced surveyors, will be

allocated to support your company and will be responsible for all technical

issues relating to registering your ship with us;

●● Customer Technical Managers, who are also experienced surveyors, will be

available 24/7 to ensure consistency of standards and a prompt response to

your technical queries and

●● access to technical assistance from an Out of Hours Duty Surveyor; 24/7, 365

days a year.

Other benefits include:

●● 24-hour vessel and mortgage premium registration service on receipt of

documentation. This provides flexibility and security of finance for you;

●● UK Government fiscal support such as Tonnage Tax and the provision of

Support for Maritime Training (SMarT) funding to increase the number of

qualified seafarers in the UK Maritime industry;

●● the UK and China Agreement allows reduced port fees for registered shipping

entering Chinese Ports;

●● reduced costs to our customers by harmonising audits under the International

Safety Management Code with Quality Assurance certification to ISO 9001

and ISO 14001 standards;

●● an Enhanced Authorisation Scheme will enable all surveys and audits to be

delegated to approved Classification Societies is currently being trialled;

●● the UK accepts Certificates of Competency issued by 49 other Maritime

Administrations allowing you flexibility when appointing officers;

●● UK registered ships are less likely to be targeted by Port State Control regimes

in the world's major trading areas, as we consistently are one of the top

performers on both the Paris and Tokyo MOU 'White Lists' and also holding

Qualship 21 status and

●● access to the Department for Transport's International Maritime Security

Operations team, who work collaboratively with the MCA and industry

stakeholders for security intelligence.


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