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19°20' N, 81°20' W

Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
133 Elgin Avenue
P.O. Box 2256
Grand Cayman KY1-1107
Cayman Islands

Tel: +1 345-949-8831

Fax: +1 345-949-8849



Cayman Islands

The CISR maintains a head office in the Cayman Islands; a European Regional Office in Southampton, UK in addition to representatives in the United States; London, UK; Greece; France; Italy; The Netherlands; Japan; Hong Kong and Singapore, enabling convenient and cost-effective client services.

Today, nearly 1,900 vessels fly the Cayman flag, with another 200 or so "new builds" on the stocks. Services offered include Registration, Survey and Certification, Crew Compliance, Vessel Plan Approval and Construction Supervision and Maritime Consultancy.

Registry services include: registration of both pleasure yachts and commercial shipping interests; survey and certification - highly professional survey services to Cayman-flagged vessels globally, and to "new builds" irrespective of flag, ensuring ships are built and maintained in accordance with international and domestic legislation; vessel plan approval -  detailed plan review and guidance in support of the Survey and Certification (irrespective of  flag); construction supervision - attendance at strategic points during the new build phase ensuring compliance and providing guidance; maritime consultancy - innovative solutions delivering cost-effective consulting on various issues through informed and efficient expertise, and crew compliance - ensuring a ship is safely manned and the crew properly trained, certificated and medically fit.

Main advantages of flagging Cayman include: a solid political, legal, fiscal, and social environment in a stable parliamentary democracy since 1831; a strong, well-respected maritime heritage with a 100+ year-old Register; an efficient, tax-neutral, international finance jurisdiction (the world's 5th largest offshore financial centre) offering a broad range of first-tier  financial and business services; modern, comprehensive, maritime legislation based on English Common Law, allowing flexibility for owners without compromising safety. and excellent mortgage protection to secure the rights of mortgagees and financiers; and a statutory authority of the Cayman Government which provides a worldwide network of skilled professional surveyors, auditors and registration personnel who embrace a common corporate philosophy that values long-term relationships.

Other advantages: 24/7 client service coverage through a global network in 10 geographic locations; a wide range of ownership structures (individual, joint, company, and shipping entity); registration options (full, interim, provisional, under construction, and demise charter (bareboat), and the registration of associated mortgages; an international Shipowners' Advisory Council and a national Maritime Sector Consultative Committee of leading maritime service providers; IMO participation; and three Ports of choice - George Town, The Creek and Bloody Bay.

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