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Passenger Yacht Code Sailing Vessel Chapter Consultation

Start:                     1st June 2015

Finish:                  31st August 2015


When the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) for Yachts carrying 13 to 36 passengers was first published in 2010, it made no provisions for sailing vessels. This was however noted at the time, and that such provisions would be included in a later version of The PYC once there was a demonstrated need from the industry to warrant the investment in resource required to develop the new requirements for sailing vessels.

In 2013 the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) successfully established an expert working group to take on the task of drafting the new section of the PYC. Instructed by the Passenger Yacht Code Industry Working Group, the sailing vessel expert working group was tasked with the development or amendment of the PYC to include sailing vessels.

Over the course of 2014, the Working Group developed a draft new chapter of The PYC to cover sailing vessels.  The group was made up of naval architects, designers, consultants, class societies, managers, builders and flag states.

The draft Chapter 14 of the PYC is now ready for public industry wide consultation.  The industry is invited to take part in the consultation of the new chapter by providing feedback on the draft text provided below.

Items in [square brackets] are those that the working group could not reach full agreement on and should be commented on where appropriate.

The values in square brackets in section 14.6(2) & (3) are being quantified by a Wolfson Unit Research Project into Stability of Large Sailing Vessels.

Please channel all comments or completed 'Consultation Feedback Forms' through Mr. Jo Assael at

Subsequent to this, the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) will prepare the final draft of the new chapter of the PYC in readiness for the 6th Edition of the PYC to be published in January 2016.



Wolfson Unit Research Project into Stability of Large Sailing Vessels for the Passenger Yacht Code

Deadline:                            31st July 2015


The Wolfson Unit, Southampton is currently conducting validation research on the intact stability criteria of the draft new chapter 14 of PYC which covers sailing vessels.  In order to succeed, they need to increase the data set from the P534 research conducted in 2006 which forms the basis of the project.  This data is to include the current large sailing yacht, passenger sailing yacht & sailing cruise fleet, including where possible projects in the design stages.

The industry is called to submit information in order to help with this project and the successful development of the PYC to include sailing vessels.  The Wolfson Unit 'Yacht Data Sheet' is available below.

It is appreciated that it may not be possible to complete all items in the Yacht Data Sheet, but please provide as much information as available. The name of the yacht will assist us in collating data from other sources and ensuring no duplication but will not be disclosed.

The information provided will be kept in the strictest of confidence and not released with the research results.

Please channel all completed Yacht Data Sheets through Mr. Jo Assael at  The deadline for the submission of this information to be included in the research is 31st July 2015.

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